George Bernard Shaw is famously quoted as writing, “He who can, does. He who cannot, teaches.” There are some of us who try and prove Mr Shaw wrong by doing AND teaching. This installment of the Weekend Name Drop features a master at balancing the two and retaining a passion for both. Meet T.K. Roxborogh.

Name: T.K. (Tania) Roxborogh

Creative field: Novelist, Playwright, Poet, Non-Fiction Writer

Location: Dunedin, New Zealand

Best known for: Authoring the A Crown of Blood and Honour trilogy, including Banquo’s Son which was shortlisted for the New Zealand Post Children’s Book Awards in 2010.

My connection: Tania is also an author and high school English teacher. We first corresponded via the English Online e-mail forum. We have since connected as authors on Facebook. There are several copies of her novels in my English department at Taumarunui High School and I have used samples of her work in class.

Inspiration for this writer: Tania has been publishing books for almost twenty years while, not only keeping her day job, but also demonstrating a passion for her work and continued learning as an English teacher. She has recently earned a BA in Māori.

Why you should check her out and share with others: Tania’s novel, Banquo’s Son, is a hit with younger readers and she has just this week re-released its follow-up, Bloodlines, on Amazon. She is also working on a novel about the occupation at Bastion Point.

Sample of work:

25828373‘Well?’ he asked, pulling the hood of his cloak tightly around his nose to avoid being overwhelmed by the stench from the cauldron and the moist, hot air of the dirty hut.

As one, the three strange women turned from the blackened pot cooking over a fire. Each of them held a wooden cup.

The eldest of the three stepped forward, the flickering light from the fire deepening the craggy lines in her face, and she lifted her cup to him. ‘Speak!’

Her companion, shorn-headed and tall, mimicked the action. ‘Demand!’

The final woman, pale and young, smiled dreamily at him. She put the cup to her lips and took a sip. Then, wiping her mouth, she whispered, ‘We will answer.’

                                                              – Opening lines of Bloodlines

Here’s a lovely introduction to Tania, and the author herself, at her launch for Birthright, the concluding work in her A Crown of Blood and Honour trilogy:

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The Weekend Name Drop is a new weekly feature on this blog, promoting people I have encountered who are doing creative things.

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