Antony Millen

A Nova Scotian living and writing in New Zealand


“A highly successful first novel … It is a quest for self discovery and redemption written by someone who has a deep understanding of what stirs the spirit … This important book honours both the river and its people.”

Christodoulos Moisa, The River City Press


“Best read slowly so that you can savour the rich descriptions, poignant inner dialogue, and extensive cultural background that is so skilfully woven throughout.”

Tracy Krauss, author of Wind Over Marshdale

“This book races along. Amazing characters, whacky as hell, brilliantly structured and hugely entertaining.”

James Russell, author of The Dragon Brothers Trilogy


“A true character driven novel. I enjoyed this book more than I’ve enjoyed a novel in a long, long time … How anyone could dream up such characters escapes me. Between them they allow their creator, the author, to weave a story so original, I defy anyone to find one remotely like it. Highly recommended.”

Tui Allen, author of Ripple

“If George Orwell wrote a Hardy Boys story . . . it would be The Chain.”

Nix Whittaker, author of the Glyph Warrior series


“A delightful story that will cause you to question the trajectory for which social media and its tools are sending us. My advice is to read it, savor it, and pay attention to the resounding message. Definitely a novel destined for a place amongst my favorite books.”

Cynthia MacLean, author of Tipping Point

“Millen is a fine story-teller.”

William Taylor, author of Possum Perkins & Agnes the Sheep

Antony Millen