Few places fill up after New Year quite like churches and gyms. My first installment of the Weekend Name Drop should encourage us in keeping some of those New Year resolutions. Meet Kelli Cruikshank.

Name: Kelli Cruikshank

Creative field: Fitness Instructor/Health & Lifestyle Columnist

Location: Pictou County, Nova Scotia, Canada

Best known for: Zumba and other fitness classes, as well as her Miss FIT in Life column in the New Glasgow News.

My connection: Kelli is my first cousin and we went to West Pictou District High School together

Inspiration for this writer: As I’ve written elsewhere in this blog, I try to ensure I get off the laptop and live a life worth writing about. Kelli’s work and writing is a healthy reminder to do that.

Why you should check her out and share with others: Kelli is a health advocate beyond just physical health. She is frank and open and a role model for women. I have recommended her articles to my own daughter.

Sample of work:

“We all need to be a role model for the girls in our lives. I want my daughters to want to be strong not skinny. I want the young teens I know to be proud they can do push-ups and sit-ups. I like overhearing a teenager answer, “I have no idea” when someone asks them how much they weigh. I enjoy the look on a woman’s face when she does something, she could not do last week in class.” – “Fitness Everyday is Normal” (New Glasgow News, 24 January 2013)

Here’s Kelli in action:

Find out more: kellicruikshank.comYouTube

The Weekend Name Drop is a new weekly feature on this blog, promoting people I have encountered who are doing creative things.

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