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The_Chain_Cover_for_KindleReviews for The Chain

“If George Orwell wrote a Hardy Boys story . . . it would be The Chain.” –  Nix Whittaker, author of the Glyph Warrior series

“A delightful story that will cause you to question the trajectory for which social media and its tools are sending us. My advice is to read it, savor it, and pay attention to the resounding message. Definitely a novel destined for a place amongst my favorite books. – Cynthia MacLean, author of Tipping Point

“His best yet. Its juxtaposition of the future of technology overlaying older cultures of the world creates a believable, if slightly sinister vision and the tension gradually ramps up throughout the story. The plot is fast paced, and keeps the pages turning, and the characters of Topia and Lukan bring to mind Hal and Roger or the Hardy boys – a likable pair who encounter a variety of equally well-developed characters as they follow their adventure around the world.” – Roger Wood, Amazon review

“Ordered this book as the cover and the description were fabulous. The story lived up, and even surpassed, the exterior’s first impression. Well worth the purchase. And definitely one that I will reread.” – Amazon review

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kindle-tkReviews for Te Kauhanga: A Tale of Space(s)

“How anyone could dream up such characters escapes me. Between them they allow their creator, the author, to weave a story so original, I defy anyone to find one remotely like it. Highly recommended.” – Tui Allen, author of Ripple

“This book races along. Amazing characters, whacky as hell, brilliantly structured and hugely entertaining.” – James Russell, author of The Dragon Brothers Trilogy

“Complex and captivating . . .  I was hooked from page one! The reader is drawn in as each character, mysterious and fascinating, full of flaws and eccentricities, is delicately unfolded and exposed by the author . . . It is a long time since I enjoyed a book so much for the sole pleasure of the reading. It is beautifully written, and, whilst I desperately wanted to know what happens in the end, I didn’t want the book to finish. Highly recommended to anyone who has ever experienced reading as an intrinsic pleasure, and it is an enthralling tale to boot. You won’t be disappointed.” – Chad Dick, manuscript assessor and editor, 100% Proof Ltd

I loved the way these characters were connected to each other … the plot is also well constructed and intriguing … it will draw you in and make you want to move to the central North Island of New Zealand!” – Dean Sutherland, Amazon review

Te Kauhanga is brilliant. The author reveals an almost supernatural understanding of what makes people ‘tick’.” – EM Wilson

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rbm-kindleReviews for Redeeming Brother Murrihy: The River to Hiruharama

“A highly successful first novel … It is a quest for self discovery and redemption written by someone who has a deep understanding of what stirs the spirit … this important book honours both the river and its people. ” – Christodoulos MoisaThe River City Press, Whanganui

“We get a sense of the more dramatic landscapes in New Zealand, a certain darkness of land and mood, and embedded everywhere a Maori influence and spirit.” – Peter Grace, NZ Catholic

Review of Antony Millen's
Review of Antony Millen’s “Redeeming Brother Murrihy” in NZ Catholic

“Absorbing … a book of many layers with surprises and revelations between each one.” – Cathy Speight, Cath ‘n’ Kindle Book Reviews

“Skillfully written with great respect to our Maori culture and in-depth local knowledge.” – Katrina, Proud Kiwis Abroad

“The portrayal of Conrad is psychologically excellent … the ending is satisfying.” – Kina, via FlaxFlower reviews @ Flaxroots

“Best read slowly so that you can savour the rich descriptions, poignant inner dialogue, and extensive cultural background that is so skilfully woven throughout.” – Tracy Krauss, author of Wind Over Marshdale

A “riveting read . . . it was challenging and comforting at the same time.” – Cate Sutherland, author of In the Shadow of the Hills

“A splendid achievement . . . at once mystical and mysterious yet readily credible.” – Chris Brady, author of Life Begins at 49

“Few can write anything that will cause a person to be still thinking about it days later. Antony can. Truly something extraordinary and special.” – Sarah Knight & The Drunken Druid

“A journey of faith and family . . . I HAD to find out what happened.” – Kathleen M. Dassaro,

“An authentic punch to the soul . . . the story is populated by genuine characters and vivid real settings.” – T. Edmund,

“Absorbing and Lyrical . . . Once begun I could not put this book down and was gripped to the end” – Tui Allen, author of Ripple

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Wanganui Chronicle 5 October 2013

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