I’m in the words and ideas business, but generally have time to research, meditate and revise before sharing publicly. This installment of the Weekend Name Drop features a gentleman who shares his words and thoughts publicly on the spot relying on his breadth of knowledge and concern for the ideas impacting his community.  Meet Sheldon MacLeod.

Name: Sheldon MacLeod

Creative field: Journalism, News Talk Radio Host

Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Best known for: Host of The Sheldon MacLeod Show on News 95.7 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Sheldon was nominated as Media Professional of the Year in the 2015 Music Nova Scotia Awards

My connection: Sheldon’s parents were friends of my parents. We went to West Pictou District High School together. I went to his wedding. Sheldon interviewed me recently on his show.

Inspiration for this writer: Sheldon is also a proud Nova Scotian who shows compassion and genuine interest in real human issues, not just in the ideas, but how they are affecting, lives, communities, culture and heritage. Along with The News in New Glasgow and CBC Nova Scotia, The Sheldon MacLeod Show is my choice for finding out, not only what’s going on back home, but what people are thinking about things.

Why you should check him out and share with others: Even if you are not from the Nova Scotia area, you can enjoy Sheldon’s brand of talk radio, covering politics and entertainment. You can listen live online between 2pm-6pm weekdays Atlantic Standard Time. Sheldon is also active on Twitter, so it’s easy to follow what he will be discussing. The discussion and insights on talk radio still make it a terrific forum and Sheldon integrates this with social media.

Sample of work:

“Nothing divides and unifies at the same time like war.” — Sheldon MacLeod, news director, CKBW, Bridgewater, N.S. (“Quotes on Canada’s top news story of the year”, CTV News, 1 January 2007)

Here’s Sheldon in action. Click on this photo to listen to his interview with me on 17 December 2015. Our chat begins at the 16:50 mark:

Sheldon MacLeod Show recording pic

Find out more: News 95.7, TwitterFacebook

The Weekend Name Drop is a new weekly feature on this blog, promoting people I have encountered who are doing creative things.

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