Talent – It’s one thing to have it and another to develop it, hone it, master it. This week’s installment of the Weekend Name Drop has talent in abundance and is ready to hire it out to you and any other potential clients needing some stunning design work done. Meet Leanne Reynolds.

Name: Leanne Reynolds

Creative field: Artist, Illustrator, Animator

Location: Palmerston North, New Zealand

Best known for: Animating music videos, performing musicals at Taumarunui Little Theatre, work created by “CollectiveDogs”


My connection: Leanne is my son’s girlfriend of eight years, so I have known her since she was fifteen and she is an integral part of our family. As I got to know Leanne in those early days, I saw how much fun the two were having, particularly in their school’s version of Survivor. I saw Leanne’s talents expressed in music as she sang with my son on video and on stage. They co-starred as Danny and Sandy in Taumarunui High School‘s production of Grease. But, even more significantly, I’ve had the privilege of witnessing years of Leanne’s artwork, not only in the public sphere, but in pieces she’s created for us using paint and digital media. Leanne also vlogged their trip to Canada and the UK, documenting her interactions and experiences with my family back home. She’s contributed to my son’s music videos as videographer and animator, and she has photographed important events in our life such as my daughter’s graduation. This past year, Leanne has been working on a special project for me, to be revealed at the end of this post!


Inspiration for this writer: Of course, Leanne means more to us than just someone who has generously and creatively offered her time and expertise to our family. She is much loved for who she is: intelligent, independent, courageous, diligent, fun, and oh, so talented. I have always been amazed by artists, always wanted to draw, always been envious of those in whom the talent inhabits innately. Leanne is to be envied for her talent. While my son valiantly endeavoured to recapture the basic art of snowman construction during their visit to Canada, Leanne sculpted a snow dog. Yet, I know her work is not effortless. To develop talent, it takes dedication, time and a pursuit of higher quality of expression and execution, and Leanne is aiming for this as a pure artist as well as a designer who should make a living at this commercially.


Why you should check her out and share with others: As with my book reviews, I’m only interested in promoting work I believe in. I am a huge fan of Leanne’s work and have already been referring others to her as she builds a portfolio and clientele. Leanne graduated with a degree in Applied Visual Imaging from UCOL in Palmerston North, topping her class in Illustration. Absolutely everyone is amazed at what she can do. In her own words, “I feel most at ease when I am drawing by hand but have also come to love the kind of creativity that 3D demands.” She is a master of moods, from brooding to quirky to light-humoured friendship. Please check out more of her work at the links below. Finally, speaking as a client, Leanne is adept at working with the vision, themes, and purposes presented to her, creating things you would never anticipate on your own. You can see the results of her work for me at the end of this post!

Sample of work:

Here is one sample of Leanne’s animation from her Vimeo channel:

1am from Leanne Reynolds on Vimeo.

Finally, I am very excited to share the work Leanne has been doing for me. While it will be another month or two before they are available, we present new book covers for the second editions my first two novels. Thanks Leanne!


Find out more: leanne-reynolds.comFacebookTwitter, VimeoYouTubeInstagramLinkedIn

The Weekend Name Drop is a weekly feature on this blog, promoting people I have encountered who are doing creative things.

Antony Millen is a Canadian living and writing in New Zealand. He is the author of three novels: Redeeming Brother Murrihy, Te Kauhanga and The Chain.

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