Folk Music is the music of the people – their stories, their history, their concerns. This installment of the Weekend Name Drop also serves as my memorial tribute to a fine folk singer and story-teller from Pictou County, Nova Scotia. Meet Jim Dorie.

Name: Jim Dorie

Creative field: Folk Singer/Song-Writer

Location: Formerly Pictou County, Nova Scotia

Best known for: 2013 ECMA nominated album, Ghosts of Pictou County (Roots/Traditional Solo Recording of the Year); appearing at Stan Rogers festivals; co-writing “Living in Alberta” with Dave Gunning

My connection: I met Jim through family on New Year’s Eve 2006 during my only visit home since moving to New Zealand. He had just moved back from Fort McMurray. I later connected with him on Facebook and, according to Jim, placed the first international order for his debut CD, Something Happened. SubsequentlyI followed his progress online and Jim was very supportive of my son’s song-writing. During his own visit home in 2011, my son met up with Jim at the New Glasgow Jubilee (Click this link and see Jim at the 1:33 mark of my son’s vlog).

Inspiration for this writer: More and more, I realise I am drawn to writing that is inspired by the local setting, characters and culture of the writer’s milieu. We find stories from home and share them with the world because they are worthy, there is no need to look to Hollywood. Stephen King brought Maine to the world and the world to Maine as Springsteen did for the boardwalks of New Jersey, John Steinbeck did for the Salinas Valley and David Adams Richards does with the Miramichi. I agree whole-heartedly with Amanda Jess, writing for The News in New Glasgow: “Listening to Jim Dorie is like taking a road trip of Pictou County with a local on a warm summer’s day.” Jim found the stories that inspired him at home, recognised their nobility and made them accessible and poetic for his growing number of listeners.

Why you should check him out and share with others: Sadly, Jim passed away in December 2015. However, in the five years prior, he released three CDs, a remarkably prolific period of output and integration into the East Coast music scene for a man in his retirement years. If you want an example of a man who held on to a dream and followed his passion regardless of age or adversity, you may not find one better than Jim Dorie.

Sample of work:

Here’s Jim himself singing one of the lighter-hearted tunes I enjoy listening to on Something Happened:

Find out more: jimdorie.comFacebook, YouTube

Photo of Jim provided by his wife, Jeanne.

The Weekend Name Drop is a weekly feature on this blog, promoting people I have encountered who are doing creative things.

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