I spent some time in Owhango today and tried my hand at some poetry and panoramic photography. This was the result. Some readers from the area will know the tree I visited. The shot above was taken as I sat on the platform ledge, leaning against the tree.

Leaning Against The Tree in Owhango

Don’t let me fall.

I’m trusting you more than this man-made platform,

this shallow-rooted, thin-nail-bound structure;

fastened together with your less glorious cousins.

You won’t let me fall.

I can tell from the pressure on my back;

Tane Mahuta’s thick sinewy leg

thrusting against the sky;

taut, firm, unrelenting, 

as strong as the shoulders of Atlas.

Why shouldn’t I trust a world-bearer?

Why wouldn’t I depend on you to protect me

from gravity and my own foolishness?

IMG_0968               IMG_0976


Antony Millen is a Canadian living and writing in New Zealand and the author of Redeeming Brother Murrihy: The River to Hiruharama and Te Kauhanga: A Tale of Space(s)

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