Smell those roses! This week’s installment of the Weekend Name Drop promises to help you slow down and really appreciate the beauty around you. Meet Debbie Lamey-MacDonald.

Name: Debbie Lamey-MacDonald

Creative field: Artist (especially painting en plein air), Blogger

Location: New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, Canada

Best known for: Her fine art, especially her plein air paintings; blogging, especially for writing meditative reflections inspired by nature’s beauty

My connection: While Debbie is a distant cousin, not as close a relation as Kelli Cruickshank, we share the Lamey name (My grandmother is a Lamey) and have a large family in common. Like me, Debbie was also a teacher. We connected online, I suppose, as two creatives who were using social media to spread the word in as genuine a fashion as we could muster. It was Debbie’s Small Pauses blog, that drew my attention. I found her short reflections appealing and digestible. I was inspired to write my own small pause (The Sea and Me) which Debbie kindly featured as a guest blog post. She has, more recently, turned her writing skills to another theme of interest to me in her series, Creative Rituals.

Bursts of Sunshine! 5x5in. Oil on linen/board

Inspiration for this writer: Debbie is also interested in the creative process, not only in producing her art, but in how it weaves itself in and is affected by our approach to life. She is very aware of the need to slow things down, smell those roses and is a model of a diligent creative, calmly committed to her subjects. She is also a prolific blogger and runs multiple websites, all of interest and best kept track of via Facebook and Twitter.

Why you should check her out and share with others: While Debbie’s work is obviously concentrated on Nova Scotia settings, backdrops and flora, her written reflections are an important accompaniment to her paintings. She is also known as a genuinely warm and positive person who enriches those around her or even those who follow her online. Debbie has a unique ability to share this warmth in a way that encourages you to simply have a better day, to appreciate whatever natural surroundings you are in. Debbie’s work is in collections throughout North America and Europe.

Sample of work:

Here is one of Debbie’s reflections to accompany her painting, Adrift Within:

Adrift Within 16x20in. Oil on canvas McLellan’s Mountain, Nova Scotia.

A spring breeze whisks about within gnarled limbs; seducing feather blossoms to drift within airy pockets. Old apple trees reign over the space as their blossoms relish in their glory. Bees perform their duties carrying golden pollen from branch to branch.

Soon delicate blossoms will be carried on gentle breezes to add richness to mother earth. A pink hue will blanket the grasses below. Nature has once again out done herself as she displays her beauty for all to enjoy. 

It is these moments of quiet elegance we must become conscious of during our daily haste, only a stillness can rejuvenate our spirit as nature gently delivers her gifts.

And here’s a little bit of insight into what it can be like for Debbie “on location” when painting en plein art:

Find out more: Debbie Lamey-MacDonald’s Fine art ShopFacebookTwitterYouTube, InstagramSmall PausesNova Scotia Plein Air Painters

Update (1 October 2016)” What a treat it was to meet Debbie during my visit to Nova Scotia – so much to talk about in terms of creative process.


The Weekend Name Drop is a weekly feature on this blog, promoting people I have encountered who are doing creative things.

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