Selling "Redeeming Brother Murrihy" and Cate Sutherland's "In the Shadow of the Hills" at the Whanganui River Traders Market October 2013
Selling “Redeeming Brother Murrihy” and Cate Sutherland’s “In the Shadow of the Hills” at the Whanganui River Traders Market October 2013

This weekend, The Murrihy River Tour arrived in Whanganui. I was very excited to finally make it down, as this area is the principal setting in my novel. I was also happy to include copies of friend and fellow Taumarunui author Cate Sutherland‘s book, In the Shadow of the Hills on my table. I had high aspirations that the Wanganui Chronicle would run an article on my visit and that I would sell enough books to at least pay for the travel and maybe accommodation.

I sold ONE copy of my book at the Whanganui River Traders Market today. Bugger.

But nevermind! I also avoided the rain (for the most part), spent a lovely morning with my most-patient wife, took some photos, met some interesting people and completed an important leg of the Murrihy River Tour.

The River Traders Market is very well run and I was warmly welcomed by the organisers and the stall-holders on either side of me. I was based within sight of the river and it felt good to be there.

Original Hatrick & Co river steamer: Waimarie
Original Hatrick & Co river steamer: Waimarie

The Wanganui Chronicle did run a short article about my visit which appeared in the morning paper – I discovered it while at the market.

Wanganui Chronicle 5 October 2013
Wanganui Chronicle 5 October 2013

But, with so few books sold, what were the highlights of visiting Whanganui?

I did catch up with some friends who I thought were out-of-town. They have been very supportive – their daughter has even read Redeeming Brother Murrihy as part of  a high school English assignment.

I also met another writer, Christodoulos Moisa, who has published a collection of short stories. Chris told me he worked as a teacher, but I see from his website he has worked as an artist and poet for many years now as well. He recommended I submit my novel to the River City Press so I will be sure to follow up with this. (UPDATE: Chris Moisa ended up writing a review himself for the River City Press. You can read it on my Facebook page here.)

I spoke with a lady who is associated with a  group who have just hosted the Whanganui Literary Festival a few weeks ago. She recommended I contact the organisers for more details.

And then there were these drummers!

Finally, I decided that this trip would conclude the Murrihy River Tour, at least until Christmas. It was always my plan to market “Brother Murrihy” as much as I could until October, when I would then commit myself to writing my second novel. So – it’s time to write with less attention to markets and online promotion.

I’m looking forward to it – and here’s a cryptic preview of what I’m working on:

  • Space
  • cartography
  • some OCD
  • a treasure hunt
  • a tree (though not this one)
Tree between Whanganui and Raetihi 5 October 2013
Tree between Whanganui and Raetihi 5 October 2013
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