As always, I enjoyed talking to ZR Southcombe, this time in an interview for the revamped SONZA website (Sppotlight On New Zealand Arts).


Antony Millen SONZAThis week we’re meeting Antony Millen. Antony is a writer and teacher in Taumarunui. He has written three novels, most recently in 2015 (The Chain). Antony was the winner of the 2014 Heartland short story competition and has seen stories published in Landfall, Headland, and Antipodes. He has just released second editions of his first two novels (Redeeming Brother Murrihy and Te Kauhanga).

We go straight to the heart of it, and I ask Antony what he aims to communicate through his stories: “Why are simple questions so difficult to answer? I suppose, looking back over the novels and short stories I’ve written over the past few years, and even in my essays and blog posts, I’m trying to tell people there is “more”, in the sense that there is more to life than what we may first perceive, or more to a story…

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